Polycom RealPresence Media Manager

Manage video assets from creation to distribution

Create a knowledge culture in your organization. Enable your teams to share, search, and access video as easily as any other content type.

The Polycom RealPresence Media Manager is the only automated enterprise software in the industry that equips organizations to manage all of their video assets at any stage of their life cycle–from capture, to upload, to organization and administration, to delivery, to final expiration.

  • Upload any video source or format Create reusable video assets regardless of how the content was captured
  • Provide universal browser access – View your organization’s complete multimedia content library and live webcasts from any device, using just a browser, inside or outside the firewall
  • Support mobile devices – Intelligently transform content for iOS and Android
  • Manage content logically – Set rules that automate the discovery, upload, organization, and treatment of new content; manage viewing permissions and content approval workflows
  • Make video content thoroughly searchable –  Use optional speech processing services to increase the likelihood that video content will be discovered with simple keyword searches


Datasheet of Polycom RealPresence Media Manager


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